Fatal Weekend – Ep.


Fatal Weekend

Just A Dream



Max awoke to find he had his pillow in a mad embrace. “Sorry about that.” He replied, letting his pillow go and fluffing it back up. Max sat up and looked at his alarm clock. It was a little after five in the morning and it was still dark.

Then it hit him. It was a dream. Sort of. The case had happened, the tour had happened, the torture chamber happened, but something didn’t seem right…of course.

The kiss!

The words of love!

THOSE didn’t happen.

Max laid back down and realized he had dreamed an exact scenario of previous events, except he had added things he had WANTED to do. His thoughts about 99 and telling her how he felt hadn’t changed, but now things were just different. He turned on his radio and the Temptations’ classic, Just My Imagination, was playing.

How appropriate, Max thought, sarcastically. He had just imagined the woman of his dreams had told him she loved him. It could still happen, his brain suggested. That’s right! Max thought. They were going to the movies Friday and then hiking on the weekend. He’d tell her this weekend how he felt.

That was the goal and he would die trying!Hopefully that wouldn’t happen of course, but either way, Max had a lot on his mind this weekend and he was determined to tell 99 how he felt!

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