RB Features


These are the stories of Mainframe and of its citizens that aren’t apart of the other series. These were uncovered when the other stories were found and give us a glimpse at a lighter side of the Mainframe Staff and system when not fighting against the viruses of their world.

The Last Laugh

Inspired by “Julia Gets Her Head Stuck in a Fence”, Designing Women episode

Originally planned as an entry into one of the Al’s Waiter Fiction Contests, this one shot occurs after the system restart that happened at the end of Season 3. While planning a celebration for the heroes that had returned and the heroes that had saved their home, Dot and the others find that working together will be harder than planned. That is until they come upon an unsuspecting problem.


2nd place winner, 2001 Al’s Waiter Fic Contest – comedy

Bob and Dot are trying to get their relationship off the ground, while a madhouse goes on outside.

Trading Spaces

The first foray into post Season 4 writing, The Matrix Brothers decide to try their luck at getting Bob and Dot back together, in a plan where the unexpected happens and where one must learn where the heart and home actually are.

This story also appears as part of the Spritestalker Series

Mainframe’s Fractured Fairy Tales

Taking a page for a moose and squirrel, Agent 66 presents a couple of fairy tales; or rather Megabyte presents a couple of fairy tales to the kids at the Little Bits Elementary School.

Sin City

Inspired by “Sin Francisco”, Charmed episode

A corrupt game sets off a chain reaction in Mainframe that offsets most of the staff and even some citizens on the Known Net. It’s up to Bob, Mouse, and their afflicted companions to get to the bottom of things.