The Smarts’ Big Adventure – IV


The Smarts’ Big Adventure

Chapter Four : All That Ends Well or How to Keep the Best Secret



“Four hundred ninety-seven, four hundred ninety-eight, four hundred ninety-nine, five hundred dollars.”

Max carefully put the money in the envelope and handed it to Zach. “That’s it, Zachary,” he said. “All the money from both our pockets and a few mad dollars. Who knew I made your mother so mad?”

“This is perfect, Dad.” Zach said. He’s about to get up when Max stops him.

“Listen to me, Junior,” Max said. “Let’s not say anything about this to your mother. It’ll just convince her we can’t be left alone to ourselves and we’re totally irresponsible, which of course, we are.”

“Don’t worry, Pop.” Zach said, as he and Max headed for the door. “This little incident isn’t something I want to brag about.”



“Listen, Maxine,” 99 said, pulling her back from the door. “Let’s not say anything about this to your brother and father.”

The two had successfully delivered the pearl to the admiral, who told them that is was really a miniature videotape. As intriguing and awesome as that discovery had been, the girls just wanted to get back home and forget about the whole trip. They hoped their vacation to New York in the upcoming week would make everything so much better.

“They’ll just think the two of us can not be together and we’re totally irresponsible, which of course, we are. Let’s just say we had a really great time and leave it at that.”

“Believe me, Mom,” Maxine said, as she and 99 headed towards the door. “The last thing I want is to have Zach lord this little incident over me until we die.”

The door opened before the girls had a chance to open it. The guys were just as surprised to see the girls.

“Hi!” Zach exclaimed, hiding the envelope behind his back.

“Hi!” 99 exclaimed. “How was the day off?”

“Great.” Max said.

“Great.” Replied Zach.

“Just great.” Said Max. “How was the trip?”

“Fine.” Replied Maxine.

“Fine.” 99 said.

“Just fine.” Maxine repeated.

“Well…” Max replied, trying to think of a way to get out of the situation. “We gotta be going.” The girls walked in as the boys started walking out.

“Where’re you going?” Maxine asked.

“Um…we’re gonna look in on CONTROL.” Zach replied.

“Yes!” Max exclaimed. “Yes, that what we shall do. Will be doing, I mean. And then we’re going to pick some ice cream. And maybe some flowers.”

The last part was more of a whisper to Zach.

“Well, I think Max and I are going to freshen up a bit.” 99 said, giving Maxine a slight shove towards the stairs. “Maxine, why don’t you just freshen up here?”

“Good idea.” The woman replied, going up the stairs.

“Well, we’ll see you girls later.” Max said, as he and Zach made their way outside.

“We’ll see you then.” Maxine said.

The guys looked at each other, hoping the girls had bought their story. The girls just smile and hope the guys had bought their story.