TMNT Features


Like the Get Smart and Reboot features, these stories are outside of the main series of this fan area.

For the purposes of distinguishing the various universes of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, fictions in this area are based on the 2003 cartoon series, which in itself was based off the original comic books by Mirage Studios. All references will be towards those episodes that span the first five seasons. Small references may be made to the sixth season, Fast Forward, and the seventh season, Back to the Sewers, as well as small references to the 2007 CGI movie.

Total Recall

Inspired by “Latent Image”, Star Trek Voyager episode, Season 5

A forgotten surgery, a mysterious woman, and a strange alien surround Donnie as he tries to find answers to questions no one is bothering to explain.

A Murder in Osaka

Inspired by “Murder on the Orient Express” by Agatha Christie

A trip to Osaka, Japan takes a wrong turn for Inspector Toriop. Who exactly was Nagi Sakura? And who would want her dead? As he uncovers the clues, they lead him to a fifteen year old murder, one that may have followed the victim to Japan. *follows continuity from the YSU series*

A Better World COMING SOON!

Inspired by “A Better World”, Justice League episode, Season 1

In their world, the chaos has given way to order. Their order. Now, three members of the TMNT want to ensure their counterparts have the same opportunities they made. At any cost.