For Whom the Bell Tolls

For Whom the Bell Tolls       Setting: The deck of the SS Union Naval Cruiser. Men were on board, working and swabbing the deck and stuff like that. The captain of the ship looks over from topside and then heads down to his cabin. Inside, three men were crowded around something. When the […]

Zach Racer & Racer Max

Zach Racer & Racer Max       Setting: A racing garage. People are filing out after a hard day of working the races, but one man stays behind. The man goes behind one of the racing cars and waits for people to leave. Making sure he was all alone, he kneels down by the […]

Romancing the Robot

Romancing the Robot     Setting: A wild party. People were dancing and laughing inside and having a great time. The camera moves through out the place, until it gets down to the cellar. There, the Smart family were tied down to a large table and had a large swinging axe above them. Two men […]

Redemption of a Spy

Redemption of a Spy     Setting: KAOS headquarters. The building seemed quiet until you got around the fifth floor or so. Then you could hear what seemed to be muffled arguing. Upon reaching the sixth floor, the argument got louder and even louder when approaching the office of the Head of KAOS, Conrad Siegfried, […]

The Many Loves of Zachary Smart

The Many Loves of Zachary Smart     Setting: CONTROL headquarters. In the office of Chief Maxwell Smart. Max and his wife, Agent 99 are going over a couple of documents when their son, Zachary, Agent 78, walks in through the automatic doors. Zach: [to Max] Dad, I…[surprised to see 99] Oh, Mom, hi. I’m […]