The Calling of the Wild Spies


The Calling of the Wild Spies



SETTING: CONTROL headquarters. Chief Maxwell Smart is explaining certain duties to his son, Zachary, Agent 78.

Max: Okay, if there’s any problems on that Price case, call me. I want to make sure this guy is no longer operating.

99: Max, come on.

Max: Also, watch the house, okay? No parties, Zachary.

Zach: Dad, I’m hurt that you have so little trust in me.

Max: I have trust in you.

Zach: Good.

Max: Just not with the house.

99: Max…

Max: [to 99] Just a minute, 99. [to Zach] Make sure everything is locked up tight when you go home.

Zach: Dad, you’ve left me in charge before. I’ll be fine. I’m a big boy now.

99: Come on, Max, let’s go.

Max: [agitated] [to 99] Just a minute, 99. I’m trying to say good bye to my son.

99: Max, if we don’t leave now, it’ll be night before we even get to the cabin.

Max: I’m aware of that, 99. I have an uncanny ability of directions and paths.

99: You wouldn’t say that after our last vacation.

Max: 99, you promised you would never bring that up again. What is with you, anyway? You’re awfully antsy to get out of here.

99: Max, we only have the weekend. If we don’t go now, it’ll be Saturday before we get there.

Max: You know, 99, I would think you would want to say good bye to our children, but apparently not.

99: Max, I already said good bye and now I’m ready to go. [whiny tone] Come on, Max.

Max: 99, you’re starting to sound like a little kid! Will you just calm down?

99: [calmly] Max, the longer we stay here, the less time we’ll have to spend together. In the cabin. Alone.

Max let her words seep in and then took Zach’s hand and started shaking it.

Max: [in a rush] Well, Zach, me boy, gotta run. If we don’t leave now, we’ll never get to the cabin. It’s like I have to cut my hand off to get away from you. You’re in charge for the weekend. Enjoy. Love ya. Bubye! [picking up bags] Come on, 99. [rushes out door]

Maxine: Dad! [Max stops] You never said who was in charge.

Zach: [stepping in from of Maxine] Don’t listen to her. I think we all know who’s in charge. [pauses] Me.

Maxine: Why?

Zach: Number one, because I’m the senior agent. And number two, because I’m the oldest.

Maxine: By two freaking minutes! [to Max] Dad, Zach is ALWAYS in charge.

Max: [annoyed and in a rush] Okay, look. Zach, you’re in charge of office and Max, if a case comes through, you’re in charge of that.

Zach: A…[catching on] Oh, a case. Right, Dad. [winking] I gotcha. Well, come on. [showing Max and 99 out]

Zach walks with Max and 99 to the elevator.

Zach: Hey, Dad, good plan. Putting Max in charge of a case.

Max: Zach, I was serious. [pushing the down button] Your sister’s in charge if a case comes through. That’s an order.

The elevator doors open and Max and 99 get in.

Zach: [laughing] Right, Dad. “A case”. Sure. Whatever. [the elevator doors start to close] Have a nice trip! [waving]

The elevator doors close and Zach laughs to himself.

Zach: A case. [walks back in the office]

Maxine: Well, you heard the man, Zach. Any case that comes in is mine.

Zach: Yeah, whatever. Assuming that a case will actually come in while Mom and Dad are gone is yet to happen, my sweet, innocent, unassuming baby sister.

Maxine: [glaring at her brother] I hate you.

Just then, Agent 66 comes in very excited.

66: You guys will never believe what I just found out!

Zach: What?

66: We’ve located JB Price!

Zach: Yes! Dad is going to be so proud…

Maxine: Of me.

Zach: Excuse me?

Maxine: This is my case, remember?

Zach: [stunned] Wha…huh?

Maxine: Daddy said if a case comes in, it was mine and I was in charge of it. Just like this one. Ha ha ha ha haaa haaa!

As the reality of the validity of the moment comes, Zach is anything but excited.

Zach: [falls to his knees] NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!




Setting: Pine Mountain Cabins. Pine trees everywhere, fresh air, a gorgeous setting and the Smarts have found their paradise away from it all. 99 is the first to walk into their cabin and take in the view.

99: Oh Max, isn’t this great? An entire weekend alone.

Max: [putting his arms around 99] No Zach, No Maxine, No 66, No Parker, No Senator what’s-his-face, No president calling for stupid information…Just you and me. [kisses her]

Just then, there’s a knock at the door, breaking the romantic mood.

Max: [glancing at the door] We’ve been alone for five minutes and already someone’s knocking at the door. [to the door] Yes?

The door opens to reveal a man with a small moustache and a three-piece suit.

Man: Excuse me, Mr. and Mrs. Smart, but I thought I’d come by and introduce myself. I’m Jon Berner, the new owner of Pine Mountain Cabins.

Max: [shaking hands] Well, how do you, Mr. Berner?

Berner: Jon, please. It’s a pleasure meeting you both. I hope you’ll enjoy stay.

99: I know we will. [smiles]

Berner: Well, I don’t want to take up too much of your time, so I guess we’ll be seeing each other later. Take care. [leaves]

99: Well, that was certainly nice of him, wasn’t it?

Max: [distracted] Yeah, just peachy, where were we?

99: We were about to unpack.

Max: [disappointed] We were? [99 nods] Oh, joy. [picking up suitcase]

As they two head into the bedroom, the camera pulls outside to reveal Berner on a cell phone.

Berner: Both Smarts are here. Do nothing now, but by tomorrow morning, I want them both dead.

The scene quickly switches to the CONTROL location lab where Maxine and 66 are trying to find the exact location of JB Price.

66: [pointing on map] The last confirmed place he was sighted was around Vermont. It’s said he took this road and went up into Maine.

Maxine: [to Zach] Hey, that’s where Mom and Dad are.

Zach: [very distressed] Maxi, please. This is my case. Mine, me…[whining] MMMIIIINNNNEEE!

Maxine: [annoyed] Will you stop? You heard Dad himself. He said you’re in charge of the office and I’m charge of cases. He said any case that came in. This case just came in and it’s mine! [smiling devilishly] And you know what that means, Zachary? I’m in charge. Sort of a senior agent deal.


Maxine gives an evil laugh as she walks away from him and heads over to the main lab. In the main lab, Dr. Austin Parker was already there with their equipment.

Parker: Morning, 66. [seeing Maxine] [smiling sweetly] Morning, Maxine.

Maxine: [also smiling] Good morning, Austin.

Parker: You’re in a good mood this morning.

Maxine: [laughs] Yes.

Parker: Well, let’s get down to business, shall we? [looks around] Where’s Zach?

Maxine: [grinning] Oh, we don’t need Zach here…seeing as I’M head agent on the case. [laughs]

Parker: [confused] You are? Is that what the Chief said?

Maxine: Yeah.

Zach walks in, very dejected and quickly comes over to beg Maxine to return his case.

Maxine: [looking at Zach] [to Parker] Yeah. Said if ANY…[to Zach] And he did mean any case, Zachary, dear…[to Parker] case were to come in, it would be mine. Putting me…[to Zach] ME, Zach! All me! [to Parker] in charge.

Zach: [on the verge of crying] Please, Maxine, don’t do this to me. I need my seniority.

66: [annoyed] Oh Zach, it’s just one case! You have seniority over all of us. Let your sister have one stupid case!

Zach: [calmer] [to 66] Fine…traitor. I see now where your loyalties lie.

Parker: [to Maxine] If your brother’s quite finished, Max…

Zach: [annoyed] [to Parker] I’m standing right in front of you.

Parker: Yes, but Max is senior agent now. [dirty look from Zach] [to others] As you know, with Price in the mountains like this, surrounded by pines, it’ll be tough finding him. So, for that purpose, I invented the tree phone. Miniature phone that fits inside a central tree near the cabins…

Maxine: The what?

Parker: The Pine Mountain cabins. That’s where we traced Price to.

Maxine: THE Pine Mountain cabins? In Maine?

66: Yes. Why?

Zach: Mom and Dad are in those cabins. We have to warn them!

Maxine: Wait a minute! Wait a minute! We can’t. We have to do this case without interfering with their weekend. [thinking] [to Parker] Austin, is there any way that we could check out the cabins without
Mom and Dad knowing?

Parker: I’m almost sure there is. Let me make some calls and see if there are any cabins left. We’ll have to bug proof the room of course… give me twenty minutes to check on some stuff and I’ll get back to you.

Maxine: [looking at watch] Twenty minutes…that gives us enough time to check out exactly what Price is doing up there. Come on guys!

66: Where’re we going?

Maxine: We’re going to do a check on the Pine Mountain Cabins.

Zach: [whining] Max, please, let me do that. [they leave]

The trio go to the nearest computer and start checking things about the Pine Mountain Cabins. In order to stop Zach’s whining, Maxine sent him to go check out all the local registries to find who the owner was of the cabins and to get three tickets to fly down there that day.

Maxine: Hey, Trace, look at this. [66 looks at screen]

66: Hey, that’s nice. No wonder your parents went up there. It’s very scenic.

Maxine: Yep.

66: Is that your parents cabin? I mean, do they rent it and when they decide to go, they stay there?

Maxine: Actually, no. It was actually Larabee’s cabin. He and his wife used to go there. Dad said Larabee spent a lot of time there during the weekends.

66: Oh, with his wife?

Maxine: No, by himself. [still looking at site] Hey, check this out. [reading] The current owner of the Pine Mountain cabins is Herbert Dalton, III, who will be retiring this year. This page was made last year.

66: So that means there must be a new owner.

Maxine: Let’s go get Zach and head out. [stands up]

66: We better pick some stuff up from Parker.

Maxine: Look, I’ll get Zach and you pick stuff up. Kay?

66: Cool. I’ll meet you guys in the office.

The two go their separate ways and Maxine soon finds Zach in the records department, looking over something.

Maxine: Hey, did you get the tickets?

Zach: Yeah. I also found there’s a new owner at the Pine cabins, but it’s not our guy.

Maxine: Are you sure?

Zach: Yeah. [showing her file] See? Jon Berner owns the place now.

Maxine: Well, we can still get his help in locating Price. [starts to leave]

Zach: [stopping her] Listen, Max, let me take the case now, okay? I mean, you’ve had your fun, now it’s time to let the head agent on the case.

Maxine: You and your ego. It’s killing you that Dad left me in charge, isn’t it?

Zach: [defensive] No! And I don’t have an ego! I’m just saying, now that you’ve had your fun in lording over me, you can give me back my case.

Maxine: [thinking] [takes a deep breath] No. [leaves]

Zach: You’ll be sorry! [following her] I’m gonna tell!

The two meet 66 and soon, all three are headed out to the airport and are on a plane heading for Maine. Meanwhile, Max and 99 are taking a walk and getting a good look at the scenery.

Max: You know, if we saved all our money, we could build a house here. We could retire here.

99: [glancing behind her at Max] You, retire?

Max: I could retire. If I put my mind to it, I could. Yeah. Just imagine, 99. Brisk countryside, lake by the back door…let’s just stay here. Let’s not go back.

99: Then who’ll run CONTROL?

Max: I’ll get Zach to do it. You know, I think I did a good job with giving Maxine the next assignment. It’ll give her the chance to be the big shot for a change. And it’ll teach Zachary to follow orders from someone else. It’s a good lesson for them. Isn’t it great, 99, when you can leave and still be teaching life lessons to people?

99: It’s your gift, Max.

Max: Hmm…yes. Yes, it is.

As Max and 99 enjoy their walk, Berner looks on with a pair of binoculars. He removes the binoculars and starts to dial a number on the phone.

Berner: Smart and 99 are out walking. Give them until about five o’clock to get back. I want you staked out at their cabin until they fall asleep. Then, I want you to kill them. I don’t need them to interfere with the plans I have for KAOS.


Setting: The Pine Mountain Cabins. Zach, Maxine and 66 had just arrived and were standing in the lobby waiting for the manager to see them. When Berner came from his office, he was more than surprised to see more members of Team Smart at his establishment. He calmed himself and walked to the front desk.

Berner: Yes, can I help you folks?

Zach: Uh, yes. We’re here…

Maxine: [interrupting Zach] We’re here for a little R & R. I called earlier today. Reservation for the Powells.

Berner: [looking through book] Ah, yes. Marie Powell. Well, Miss Powell, I’m sure you and your family will enjoy your stay here. I’m sorry that the majority of our cabins are all filled, but we put you in one that sees over the one mountain range. I hope you’ll enjoy you’re stay.

66: We will. [the three leave]

Berner looks on and starts to wonder if theSmarts on to him. Meanwhile, our trio takes a truck ride up to their cabin. Inside, they start putting up equipment and dividing rooms. While doing so, Zach checks out the view and sees his parents below walking to their cabin.

Zach: Well, it looks like Mom and Dad are having a great time.

Maxine: You can see them from here?

Zach: Yeah. Their cabin’s right below us.

Maxine: Perfect.

66: Why is that perfect?

Maxine: Well, if Price is here, say as a guest, he’s probably wondering why we’re all here. It’ll give us the chance to check out anything weird. On one side, we can see the main office. On the other side, we get a view of Mom and Dad’s cabin.

Zach: Like killing two birds with one stone, huh? [Maxine nods] You learned something from me after all.

66: [to Zach] Don’t start. We’re here to do a job, so let’s do it.

Maxine: Right. First, we have to find out if there’s anything weird going on, without Mom and Dad seeing us and finding out what we’re doing here.

Zach: So where do we start first, fearless leader?

Maxine: We start by checking out the registry. Check out anyone with the initials JBP.

66: I’ll check it out.

Maxine: No. I want Zach to do it. [dirty look from Zach] And when you’re done with that, get the cabin numbers for them, and call Austin with the name for further information, then report back to me.

Zach: [sarcastically] Is that all, Captain Obvious?

Maxine: [smiling devilishly] When you check back, check how many bugging devices we have and set up a communications post to Austin. Then, you have to go check and see if that tree phone works. [pause] So, why are you just standing there, 78? You got a lot of work to do.

Zach: Don’t I know it. [leaves]

66: That’s giving me quite a load, isn’t it, Maxine?

Maxine: It’s the something he would’ve wanted us to do. He’ll be alright. It’s the taking orders from his little sister that’s killing him. [goes over to window] We have a perfect view of Mom and Dad’s cabin. [goes over to other window] And a perfect view of the main office. [to 66] Nothing can go wrong.

Berner: Nothing could go wrong.

The scene changes to the main office where Berner is talking to two agents standing behind him.

Berner: The top cabin, the one that I’m looking at, is being occupied by Zachary and Maxine Smart and another CONTROL agent. On the other side of that cabin, is the cabin of Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Smart.

Agent #1: What are they all doing here?

Berner: My guess is they’re looking for someone. [to the agents] Make sure they don’t find anyone. [leaves]

As Berner goes into the back office, Zach walks into the front office, a little embittered.

Zach: [to himself] Like I don’t know what I’m doing. I was an agent FAR longer than she was! [sarcastically] “And when you’re done with that…” When I’m done with that. I’ll show what I’ll do when
I’m done with that. I’m gonna…

Agent #2: Can I help you, sir?

Zach: Huh? Oh, yeah. I…[looks at agent] You’re not what’s his face?

Agent #2: You mean Mr. Berner?

Zach: Yeah.

Agent #2: It’s alright. I’m a partner in the business.

Zach: How come this is the first time I’ve seen you?

Agent #2: Silent partner. Was there something you wanted?

Zach: Um, yeah. I have this friend of mine who was wondering if I could snoop through the books. The registry, that is.

Agent #2: What friend?

Zach: Close friend.

Agent #2: I’m sorry, sir, but…

Zach: [leans over counter] Look, can I be totally honest with you?

Agent #2: Of course.

Zach: [pause] I had this fight with my girlfriend before I left and I thought we were going our separate ways…for a small single vacation, you know? Well, I’m not here for more than ten minutes, when I
swear I see her with another man. Now, I know it’s crazy, but…well, she’s got me, you know? My heart, her heart…well, mine’s just breaking, you know? And…[sniffling] I was just…[on the verge of crying] I was just wondering if I could see if she’s really seeing someone else.

Agent #2: [consoling] It’s okay, man. I know what you’re going through. I’ve been there. [takes out the registry] Here ya go. Man, I hope it’s not her.

Zach: [crying] Me too. [agent starts to leave] Thank you. [agent leaves]

As soon as the agent leaves, Zach stops his crying bit and chuckles a bit.

Zach: [to himself] Who’s the man? [pause] Me.

Zach checks out the names and only gets one match, a James B. Pierson. He quickly writes the name and the cabin number on a piece of paper and leaves the office. In the cabin, the girls had already put up the communications set back to CONTROL when Zach rushed in.

Zach: Hey, girls, you’ll never guess…[looks at CS]

Maxine: Merry Christmas. We’ll never guess what?

Zach: James B. Pierson, cabin number 12.

66: Cabin 12? That’s right in between your parents’ cabin and the main office.

Maxine: Great! This is all working well. [pause] A little too well.

Zach: Why do you say that? It’s obvious Price set up a cabin near the office, without knowing Mom and Dad were just down the road. It was a mistake on his part. Come on, Max. Case is over. This is the part where we go get the bad guy.

Maxine: Yeah, well in previous cases, I’ve known you to go straight after the wrong person and the person we least suspect as the culprit is really the culprit.

Zach: You watch way too many detective stories. That can’t possibly happen.

Maxine: Well, as long as I’m in charge, I say it can.

66: So what do we do?

Maxine: Zach, you stay here, 66 check out that cabin. I’ll go keep watch by the tree phone. I think it has a pretty good view of all the cabins. If something goes wrong, I’ll call Zach, we’ll save the day and Mom and Dad will have a great and joyous vacation without ever knowing we were there. [smiles] [looks at Zach] Why wasn’t I ever in charge before? I so come up with the better plans than you.

66: [pulling Max by the arm] And with that, we’ll be seeing you. [both girls leave]

Zach walked over to a chair, sat down, and started reading a book by the table. Meanwhile, 66 was breaking into cabin 12, while Maxine looked on from the tree phone. Everything seemed to be going fine. 66 had gotten in, closed the door and was now looking around with her flashlight. As far as she could tell, it didn’t even look like anyone was staying there. She looked over the cabin again and still didn’t see anything suspicious. On the wall, the light was making shadows and we can see there is one more shadow than there was supposed to be. The shadow behind 66 was raisins something over her head and instantly hit her, knocking her out!


Setting: The Pine Mountain Cabins. At a tree in the center of the beautiful pines, we see Maxine with a pair of binoculars, trying to peer into cabin 12, in which Agent 66 hadn’t returned. Getting worried, Max opened the bark of the tree and pulled out a phone and started to dial someone. Up in their cabin, Zach was sitting and reading a book when his phone went off.

Zach: Thank you for calling the Spy Depot. What spy are you calling?

Maxine: [calmly] Ha ha, Zach. There’s something not right.

Zach: Something hasn’t been right since Mom and Dad left for their weekend.

Maxine: This is no time for rank issues. 66 isn’t back yet.

Zach: Maybe she found something.

Maxine: If so, she would’ve called in. There’s something wrong.

Zach: Look, I say she found something and it’s something big. Wait another two minutes, then see what’s up. [no answer] Well? [no answer] Max? [starts getting worried] Maxine?

Zach soon hears a dial tone and immediately knows something’s wrong. Just as he’s getting up, from below on Max and 99’s cabin side, Zach sees two men in black going toward the cabin.

Zach: Oh great! [picks up phone]

The scene switches to CONTROL labs, where Parker sits by the phone.

Parker: CONTROL Labs, Parker speaking.

Zach: Parker. Zach. I was wondering…how soon could you get here?

Parker: You mean, me? By myself?

Zach: No, I’m talking about 100 CONTROL agents.

Parker: Why? What’s up?

Zach: Well, first, 66 has disappeared, then Max, and now there are two guys creeping around Mom and Dad’s cabin.

Parker: It’ll take me a while, but I’m guessing people can be there in about thirty minutes.

Zach: Thirty minutes. [looks at watch] Not enough time. Okay, it’s Zach to the rescue. [smiles] Naturally. [hangs up] [dials again]

Inside the Smarts’ cabin, Max and 99 were having a romantic drink by the fireplace, when Max’s shoephone rings.

Max: Please let that not be my phone. Please, don’t let that be my phone.

99: It’s your phone.

Max: [annoyed] [answers] Hello.

Zach: Dad! Zach. How ya doing?

Max: Fine, Zach. What do you want?

Zach: Well, first off, I’d like to say I hope you’re having a good time and secondly, you might want to look out your window.

Max: [confused] What?

Zach: Without going into strenuous details, I suggest you stop what you’re doing and look out your windows.

Max: Zach, what are you talking about?

Zach: Okay, without sounding shocking, there are two guys creeping around your cabin that I think you should pay close attention to.

Max: [looks out window] Zach, say that again.

Zach: With the risk of not repeating myself, these two guys, wearing black, probably heavily armed, are going around the back of your cabin.

Max: [hands phone to 99] Talk to your son. I have to check something.

99: [confused] Zach?

Zach: Mom! How nice to hear your voice. Did you hear? There are two guys around your cabin.

99: Are you sure?

Zach: Um…well, without giving away my location, I can see them from here and I’m telling you, this will not go smoothly if you get caught off guard.

99: Zach, where’s your sister?

Zach: I’m not sure. I should probably be looking for her, but I just thought you’d like to know, there’s a third guy coming up to the front of the cabin.

99: [looks out window] Stocky, brown hair, brown eyes, about 5’6?

Zach: Wearing all black?

99: Yeah.

Zach: Yep, that’s him.

99: [to Max] We’ve got company.

Just then, a shattering of glass is heard from the kitchen area.

Max: [to 99] Tell me about it.

99: [to Zach] Zach, it’s been lovely chatting, but we seem to have a bit of a problem on our hands.

Zach: Hey, no problem. Just wanted to let you know about that. That gives me a chance to look for Max. You’ll be okay, right?

99: Sure. Your father and I have faced tougher odds than this. Look for your sister.

Zach: Will do. [hangs up]

Zach takes one last look at his parents’ cabin and then heads out the door. His first stop leads him to the tree phone. The phone is dangling from the chord and a pair of binoculars on the ground. He looked up over at cabin number 12, which wasn’t too far from view. He noticed the lights were on, when they hadn’t been before. Inside, the girls were tied to chairs and had two armed guards watching them.

Maxine: You’ll never get away with this.

Guard #1: Yes we will. You fell into a very nice trap, doll.

Maxine: [smirks] I’ve fallen in to better traps than this before, thank you.

66: That’s alright. We still have our secret weapon. [looks at Max]

Maxine: [confused] Our secret weapon? What secret…[look from 66] Ooohhh! That…secret weapon. Yes. We have a secret weapon.

Guard #2: You CONTROL agents. Always willing to make something up.

Maxine: Well, we do have vivid imaginations.

Just then, the door swung open and inside the door jam was Zach.

Zach: Anyone call a plumber?

Guard #2: No.

Zach: [to G2] Well, good, cause I’m not a plumber.

Zach instantly hits the second guard, knocking him back into the wall. The first guard spun to point the gun at Zach, but Zach did a leg sweep and the guard fell backwards, hitting his head on the dresser. When both men were down and out, Zach tried to the girls.

Zach: Girls, girls. What would you do without me? [goes to untie them]

Maxine: Lead much more productive lives?

Zach: Die a slow, horrible death, Zachary. Come on, say it. Die a slow and horrible death. [making sure the girls were alright] Come on. Mom and Dad are in trouble.

Maxine: What do you mean?

Zach: When you hung up on me, I saw three guys go around their cabin.

66: Well, come on!

The three rush out into the dark and quickly reach the Smarts’ cabin and bust in.

Zach: Mom, Dad, we’re here to…[sees three KAOS agents on ground and Max and 99 sitting around calmly] save…the KAOS agents from you. [puts gun away] Well, [pause] [to Max and 99] You’ve been busy.

Max: [sarcastically] Not as much as we’d like to.

Zach: Ha! That’s cute.

Voice: Alright, hold it!

Everyone turns around to see Berner in the doorway, holding a rather large gun.

Max: Hey, it’s Mr. Berner.

Zach: Oh yeah. Hi, Mr. Berner. As you can see, we got everything under control.

66: That’s not Berner.

99: It’s not?

Maxine: No. That’s…

Price: JB Price.

Zach, Max, & 99: JB Price!?

Price: In the flesh. You people have been ruining my plans for way too long. See, I could handle Mr. and Mrs. Smart. And then you brats got involved. [pause] Can’t a man run a simple smuggling operation
without being persecuted?

Zach: No. In fact, I think there’s a law about that, that you can’t bring in foreign objects…

Price: [annoyed] I was being sarcastic! But that’s okay. You may have defeated my men, but you haven’t defeated me.

Agent 22: Think again, Price. [Price is stunned] If you could drop your weapon, please.

Zach: [takes Price’s gun] I’ll just take this. You might hurt someone with it.

99: I can’t believe Berner was Price. And under our noses the whole time.

Zach: Yeah. I can’t believe the person I least expected to be the culprit was in reality the actual culprit. [thinks about something] [Maxine smiles] Looks like Max was right. [close up on Zach] For once. [swing back]


Setting: The cabin of Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Smart. After arresting Price and dismissing the agents, the Smarts and Agent 66 were sitting around the fireplace.

Zach: [sitting on couch] See, this cabin is a lot nicer than ours. We don’t have a fireplace in our cabin. This is what we should after every case we solve.

Max: Well, Zach, I will give you credit for doing the impossible.

Zach: Capturing Price and discovering he was here?

Max: No, dealing with the fact that your sister was in charge.

Zach: [mumbling] Yeah, she was alright.

99: Gee, just look at the time.

Max: Yep. Time for bed. [Max & 99 look at the trio]

Maxine: [catching on] Right.

66: Right. We better head out.

Zach: What? So early? But I just put another log on the fire. It’s all toasty warm in here.

66: Yes, well, Zach, it’s getting late and I’m sure your parents would like to go to sleep.

Zach: Go ahead! I’ll just sit right here. I’m fine.

Max & 99: Get out, Zach.

Maxine: [grabbing Zach] And on that note, goodnight, sweet dreams, may angels sing you to your rest. Come on, Zach.