The Scare Pair That Scare Smarts


The Scare Pair That Scare Smarts



Setting: A dark night in the streets of London. In the background, you can hear footsteps, running frantically through the night. The camera does a close up on a young man, leaning against a wall. He has this look of terror on his face and beads of sweat falling from his face. He hears a set of footsteps and quickly started running again. He stopped after a few blocks and looked around for a few minutes and felt
pretty safe. He stood there for awhile before taking out what appeared to be a pen. He pulled off the top, put it to his ear, and began speaking in the pen.

Man: This is Jekell, calling CONTROL. Come in CONTROL.

The scene goes to the CONTROL lab, where Zachary Smart sat at a desk, listening on a headset. The scenes go back and forth.

Zach: [to Maxwell Smart] Hey, Pop. I’m getting something from the agent in London.

Chief Maxwell Smart was sitting at another desk, reading a magazine. He turned around to look at his son.

Max: Agent Jekell? I wonder what the problem is.

Zach: Hold on, I’ll ask. [in to mic] CONTROL here, Agent 78 speaking.

Jekell: Smart, it’s Howard Jekell. They’re after me!

Zach: Who’s after you?

Jekell: Please, Smart, it’s imperative you get this message!

Zach: Okay, shoot.

Jekell: KAOS has a means of… [silence]

Zach: Jekell? Jekell?

Max: What’s wrong?

Zach: He stopped transmitting.

Suddenly, they heard yelling over the mic.

Jekell: [shaking his head and in extreme terror] No, no. NNNNNOOOOO!!!!!!

Zach: The line’s dead. And I’m afraid so’s our Mr. Jekell.

Max: Did he saying anything?

Zach: He was about to tell me what KAOS is up to in London, but then he stopped talking. Why did Agent Jekell go to London?

Max: KAOS has been up to some sort of experiments on the mind. I sent Jekell there to find out exactly what they’re up to.

Zach: Well, if Jekell does get back alive, I’ll have a little discussion with him myself.

Max: Why’s that?

Zach: I asked him to bring me something back! If he left London empty-handed, he’s turning right back and getting me a “I saw Big Ben” t-shirt.

Max looks at Zach for awhile.

Max: I’m glad you still have your priorities, son.


Setting: The office of Chief Maxwell Smart. Max was sitting at his desk, looking into a mirror. We then see he has a set of vampire teeth in his mouth and he’s working them back and forth. While he’s doing this, Agent 66 and Agent 24, Maxine Smart, walk into the room and are surprised to see him there.

66: Chief.

Max looks up, with the vampire teeth still in his mouth.

Max: Yesh?

66: We got the report back from London.

Max: Oh goods. Ish been waiting for itsh all day.

Maxine: Dad, could you take those teeth out of your mouth?

Max: What teesh? [thinking] Oh dese teesh! [takes teeth out] Sorry bout that. I’m trying to see if these work or not. [taking report from 66]

66: The costume party’s at 7pm, isn’t it?

Maxine: It’s been changed to 8pm, 66.

66: Why?

Maxine: A lot of the agents were complaining about the time because they don’t get off stakeouts and shadowing gigs until 8pm.

Max: [looking at report] 66, are you sure this is right?

66: What Chief?

Max: This report. It says here agent Jekell left on a plane this morning for Washington.

66: That’s what I heard, Chief.

Max: But that’s impossible! Zach and I heard him being attacked last night in London! Are you telling me that he was attacked last night, but feels perfectly fine in attending the costume party tonight?

66: I’m not telling you that, Chief. The report is telling you that.

Max: [annoyed] Girls, go down to the airport and pick Agent Jekell up as soon as he gets off that plane.

Maxine: Yes, sir.

As the girls leave, Zach walks in as the Riddler from Batman.

66: Zach, the costume party isn’t until tonight. Why’d you get all dressed up?

Zach: Cause I heard from the boys in the lab that the party doesn’t start until 8pm. That gives me plenty of time to trick or treat before then. I’ll pick up some candy for you. [the girls leave] [to Max] Hey, Pop. Did you hear any word about that Jekell guy?

Max: Yes, here’s the report. [hands Zach the report] Listen, Zach, the girls are right. Why get all dressed up now?

Zach: Are you kidding? I love this time of year! This and Christmas. This is the only time of year you can get candy from complete strangers and not feel bad about it. It really is like taking candy from a baby. [starts reading report] Hey, Pop, are you sure this right? Jekell’s on a plane for Washington?

Max: That’s what I said to 66 and she confirmed it. That’s where the girls were going.

Zach: Dad, are you telling me that after getting in to some sort of altercation in London and now he’s flying back all better to Washington?

Max: I’m not telling you that, Zach, the report is. [a look from Zach] Look, Zach, let’s figure this out once Jekell gets here.

The scene goes to the airport where Maxine and 66 are waiting for Jekell’s plane to land.

66: I found out Jekell’s plane landed a couple of minutes ago. Have you seen him?

Maxine: No. I was going to ask if you’ve seen him.

66: Uh, Houston, we have a problem. Come on, Max, let’s go check the reception desk.

Maxine and 66 quickly hurry to the reception desk.

Maxine: [to woman behind desk] Excuse, Miss. We’ve seemed to have lost something very valuable of ours and were wondering if you’ve seen it?

Woman: Well, what was it?

66: Well, it’s sort of a manila folder with a lot of important documents in it. It’s your standard manila folder. And um…oh yeah. There’s a man attached to it.

Maxine: [to 66] This is just a hunch, but have you been hanging out with Zach a lot lately?

Woman: Perhaps if you describe the man, maybe we can find the man first and then concentrate on the folder.

The woman went to talk to another attendant, so Maxine and 66 decided to watch the local news on the airport screen.

Reporter: This is late breaking news. Just a few minutes ago, a man was attacked only a few miles from the Washington Airport. The victim is resting in the hospital, but police are looking for the attacker.

Maxine: Whoa. Hear that? Some maniac is loose in Washington.

66: What else is new? [looking down at a newspaper] Is he from the Senate?

Maxine: [sarcastically] Ha ha. Seriously, this guy might be some kind of crazed killer.

The receptionist came back to the desk and called to Max and 66.

Woman: Ladies, there was a man seen with a manila envelope. He had brown hair, dark blue eyes…

Maxine: Was he wearing a brown suit with a black bowler?

Woman: No, he was wearing a black suit and wasn’t wearing a hat.

66: Then it can’t be our man.

Maxine: Wait, 66, maybe it is. [to woman] Do you where the man went?

Woman: He said he needed a cab. One of our bag boys called one and it came and took him away.

Maxine: Thanks.

The girls quickly walk to some where to make phone call.

66: Where’re we going?

Maxine: We’ve got to call the Chief. Jekell is somewhere in this city and we need to find him.

Maxine stopped by the pay phones and took out her cell phone.

Max: Chief here.

Maxine: Dad, we’ve got some bad news. We can’t find Jekell anywhere. Someone said he took a cab and drove away. How’re we going to find him?

Max: We might not need to look for him, Max.

Maxine: How come?

The scene switches to a sunny area outside of CONTROL headquarters. A bunch of agents were standing around what seemed to be a body.

Max: We’ve already found him.

As Max looks down, the camera moves in and we see the body of CONTROL Agent Howard Jekell!


Setting: The Chief’s office inside CONTROL headquarters. Agent Howard Jekell was slumped on the couch in the office. Maxine went and got another glass of water for Jekell.

Jekell: Then they chased me down an alley, where I called you. Then they came up to me and that’s the last thing I remember in London.

66: What’s the last thing you remember here in the States?

Jekell: I remember coming here and I woke up in the Chief’s office.

Zach: Are you saying from the time you might’ve been caught by KAOS or a fraction of it in London to just now, you don’t remember a thing?

Jekell: [shaking his head] I wish I could, Smart. [staring at Zach closely] I hope I’m not just seeing things, but are you dressed as the Riddler?

Zach: Yes, I am.

Jekell: May I ask why?

Zach: Costume party tonight, which I don’t think you should go to. Unless you have a cool costume.

Max: Jekell, what do you think happened after they caught you?

Jekell: Well, what I had planned to tell you was that KAOS has the means of mind control. There’s more to it, but I just can’t remember. Chief, this is very vital. I think KAOS might’ve given me something, some sort of pill or shot, something.

Max: Don’t worry about it, Jekell. Just go down and see Parker in the lab. He might know what to do.

Jekell: I doubt it, Chief, but I’ll see him. [leaves]

66: Isn’t that fantastic?

Zach: What is?

66: That story Jekell told us. Chief, do you really think KAOS has the power of mind control?

Max: If they do, 66, we’re in a lot of trouble. How do you combat an evil force like KAOS when they have the means to control your mind? If this is true, they could put CONTROL back for years, maybe even out of business. And you know that means.

Zach: Yeah. No more discounts at the delicatessen or the spy department stores. And I’d hate to think what this will do to our labor unions.

Maxine: What are we going to do then? We’re not having any problems with KAOS in the States. Are we sending someone else to London?

Max: So far, we know KAOS is operating in London, but that still doesn’t mean that they won’t try something here. Now all we have to do is find out what we’re going to do.

Zach: Go to lunch.

Max: [annoyed] No, we’re not going to lunch. We’re going to sit here and figure out a strategy.

Zach: Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to lunch.

Max: No, you’re not. You’re sitting down and you’re going to help us figure out a strategy.

Zach: But I’m hungry.

Max: Zachary, the problems of the world brought on by the forces of evil don’t stop because one of us is hungry. If that were true, then all we’d have to do is keep eating lunch until the forces of evil got bored and went home. Of course, then we’d be all fat and flabby and couldn’t move and couldn’t do anything…

66: Chief? [Max looks at her] You were saying?

Zach: He was saying we’re going to get all fat and flabby if we eat lunch all the time and then…

66: No, Zach. I meant before that.

Max: Unfortunately, son, that doesn’t happen in the real world. We’re agents first, food consuming human beings later.

Zach: So basically, no lunch.

Max: No lunch. [Zach nods and sits down] Let’s assume that KAOS isn’t using mind control, but making us think they’re using mind control. Wouldn’t that just confuse us into thinking that they were actually using mind control when they really weren’t?

Zach: So then we’d think they were using mind control, which would just drive us crazy cause then we’d wonder who’d be next, but what if that’s their plan. Drive us crazy long enough to take advantage of our weaknesses and then make a foul swoop down from above and kidnap us all and then take over the world! [everyone looks at Zach] [looks around] What? It could happen.

Max: Not in this lifetime, Zach.

66: You did have a point there, Chief.

Max: I did? Yes, well, of course I did. [pauses] Refresh my memory, 66, as to what that point was.

66: What if this some sort of plan by KAOS to get us so worked up about mind control, they go out and do something completely different.

Max: That wouldn’t surprise me, 66. Well, maybe I’d be a little surprised, but not that much.

The phone rang suddenly. Zach reached over and picked it up.

Zach: Hello? What! We’ll be right down! [hangs up. To others] That was Jensen in the lab. Jekell’s attacked Parker and has escaped!


Setting: The CONTROL lab. Sitting on a stool, with an ice pack over his eye, was Dr. Austin Parker. Around him were the boys in the lab. Maxine was the first one downstairs and ran over to Parker and hugged him.

Parker: OOWWW!!! [wincing in pain] Don’t touch me, Maxine, please.

Zach: Parker, what happened?

Parker: [sarcastically] I was beaten to a pulp. Next question.

Max: Are you sure Jekell did this?

Maxine: Are you hurt?

Zach: Are you going to die? [look from Parker]

66: Do know where Jekell went?

Parker: [to Max] Yes, [to Maxine] very, [to Zach] absolutely not, [to 66] I don’t know and really don’t care.

Max: Parker, from the beginning what happened?

Parker: I was about to get a blood sample from Agent Jekell when he went ballistic on me. He knocked me down, then picked me up and threw me against the wall. I’m not sure, but I think he bit me.

Zach: Are you sure he bit you? It could’ve been a nip.

Parker: It felt like a nibble to me. I just know that my arm hurts.

Maxine: Well, no wonder. [looking at his arm] You have a huge gash on your arm.

Max: Max, take Parker to the hospital and get that wound checked out. Zach, you and 66 try to see if you can find Jekell.

Zach: Alright, but as soon as 7:30pm hits, we’re off duty.

66: I’m not going with him anywhere! Not until he gets out of that costume.

Max: Done. Zach, go change, then take off. We can’t let Jekell run mad like this.

After changing into real clothes, Zach and 66 went combing the streets for Jekell on foot.

Zach: 66, why didn’t we just take the car?

66: Because Jekell could still be in this area. Why drive around when we could easily spot him on foot?

Zach: Cause cars have heaters and nice warm seats and cup holders and…

66: I get the point, Zach. Come on. Let’s walk down this side of the street, then come back up on the other side. [no answer from Zach] What? You don’t like my idea?

Zach: Of course I liked it. I love it!

66: [smiling] Thank you, Zach.

Zach: I love cause it’s my plan. My plan that you stole from the thoughts in my head.

66: You have other thoughts? That are actually yours?

Zach: [looks at 66] I’m going to try and forget you said that. Now, come on. Let’s go search for Jekell.

They walked for at least a block before they spotted Jekell at the Circle K at the light.

Zach: 66, there he is! [pointing]

66: He’s being followed.

Zach: Not followed, joined.

Two men had accompanied Jekell out of the door and were walking very closely to him. They caught up to him and stopped him.

66: Zach, we’ve got to do something!

Zach looked around for something to distract the two men, then it occurred to him.

Zach: Of course, 66! Of course!

66: Zach, you have a plan!

Zach: Of course I have a plan. [pointing a large white truck] See that white truck across the street? I’m going to shoot at it, making the bullet ricochet off, thus hitting the guy on the right, causing him to drop the gun that’s now in his hands. When he drops to the ground, we rush up, capture the guy on the left and take Jekell back to headquarters.

66: That’s a rather complicated plan, don’t you think? Couldn’t we just rush the men, knock them out, then take Jekell into custody?

Zach: [annoyed] 66…Tracie, darling, as you go down the highway of life, you’ll find that there are those who have the mental capacity of an Albert Einstein and then there are others who are just your average mind thinkers. I like to place myself in the category of the Einsteins. I have the will, the way, and the know how to know what I’m talking about. But if you want to pull off the side of the highway of life, you just go on right ahead. You can get out of the car and I’ll drive on, leaving you stranded in the middle of life’s busy highway of facts, fiction, and the everyday menace.

66: So, basically, it’s my plan against yours.

Zach: [annoyed] If you want it that way.

66 shrugged her shoulders and started out for the crosswalk at the corner. Meanwhile, Zach took out his gun and aimed it the white truck. The two men were leading a very distraught Jekell over toward the white van, as 66 started running towards the other side. The white truck started its engine and seeing the three men, moved closer toward them. Zach squeezed the trigger, but nothing was happening. He looked at it, pointed at the truck, and squeezed again. Nothing. Zach looked up and saw 66 was in a bit of a spot.

The two men with Jekell had seen her and so had the driver of the white truck. Zach was frantically trying to get his gun to work, but now it was hopelessly jammed. In a fit of anger, Zach threw down the gun on the concrete, which caused the mechanisms to unjam. The gun went off, the bullet flying off of a metal pole, then going toward a building, ricocheting off of there, hitting a parked car, then traveling
across the street, hitting the white truck and ricocheting off.

The bullet then hit the man on the right, causing him to drop his gun and fall to the ground. 66 then hit the man on the left, knocking him out. She then grabbed Jekell, as Zach ran across the street to where 66 and Jekell were.

Zach: Well. See? I told you my plan would work.

66: [sarcastically] Yes, and without the help of the concrete, that building, the pole, and that parked car, just think of how your plan would’ve turned out.

Zach gives 66 a dirty look and they get a hold of Jekell and take him back to CONTROL. The scene shifts to the Smart house, where Max and 99 are getting ready for the costume party. 99 stood downstairs, waiting for Max to come down as well.

99: [calling from the steps] Max? Max, we’ll be late for the costume party.

Max: [from upstairs] I’m trying to hurry, 99, but I can’t seem to get my top button buttoned.

99: Well, come downstairs and I’ll do it.

Max came downstairs as a vampire and saw 99 in the living room. He snuck up behind her and kissed her on the neck.

99: Max…

Max: Yesh?

99: Could you take your teeth out? It’s leaving a mark.

Max: [taking teeth out] Sorry. [looking at her] Well, don’t you look pretty?

99: [smiling] Thank you, kind sir. [trying to fasten Max’s button]

Max: You know, if I wasn’t a gentlemen vampire, I might see my way to put under a spell and take you for my wife. Luckily, I don’t have to do that though. Because, you’re already my wife.

99: [smiling] See, how well your plan worked? [buttoning button] There. Button’s all buttoned.

Max: Thank you, 99. Did Zach call while I was upstairs?

99: No. Max, are you sure Agent Jekell will be okay while we’re at the costume party tonight?

Max: He should be, 99. I have him guarded as we speak and he’ll be guarded through out night. I just don’t understand it, 99. Before Jekell went to London, he was a perfectly normal human being. The minute he gets back, he turns into some kind of crazed wild animal.

99: Well, what ever KAOS did to him, it’s working like magic.

Max: Yes, and unfortunately, it’s leaving a bad mark with CONTROL. [heads toward door] You know, 99, whatever KAOS did to him, they could do to us. That has me a bit worried.

99: It has me worried as well.

Max: Why?

99: Well, I certainly don’t want anything to happen to you.

Max: [puts hand on doorknob] Don’t worry, 99. I’ll be perfectly alright.

Max opens the door and it instantly hits him in the face. He winces in pain, as they try to leave.

Max: I’m fine, I’m fine.

The scene switches to the CONTROL Halloween party. Everyone had great costumes on and the party was in full swing. Over by the desert table, Zach(as the Riddler), 66(as a devil), and Maxine(as Catwoman) stood talking about Jekell’s condition.

66: So Jekell’s being guarded right now? By who?

Zach: Agent 22. He’s not to leave at all tonight.

Just then, a giant chicken walked up and we see it’s Agent 22.

Zach: [surprised] 22, what are you doing here?

22: You think I’d miss the annual Halloween and costume party? I’ve been planning this night for weeks.

Maxine: 22, you’re supposed to be watching Agent Jekell.

22: Don’t worry. I got it all taken care of. I got Agent 15 to look after him.

Zach: [smiling] So…uh…what made you decide to be a chicken, 22?

22: [annoyed] I don’t want any smart-assed remarks from you…Smart.

Zach: I wasn’t going to say anything. I just wondered why you decided to be a chicken.

22: Why’re you the Riddler? Because you’re frequently confused?

Zach took a step towards 22 and the girls stood between them to stop a fight from ensuing.

66: Let’s not start a war, gentlemen.

22: All I have to say is that Jekell is being taken care of. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have mingling to do. [leaves]

Maxine: I just hope Agent 15 knows what he’s dealing with. [Max and 99 walk up]

Max: Was that 22 back there?

Zach: Yes.

Max: Why isn’t he with Jekell?

66: He didn’t want to miss the party.

Maxine: But he has Agent 15 looking after Jekell.

Max: That doesn’t exactly comfort me.

Zach: And having 22 watching him did?

Max: Oh well. As long as SOMEBODY watches Jekell. I don’t want another thing like this afternoon.

Zach: Dad, I still maintain this is just a trick by KAOS.

99: Assuming that, Zach, would mean Jekell isn’t really sick.

Zach: I’m not saying that. I’m saying maybe he was hypnotized or something. We don’t really know.

Just then, a murmur went up in the crowd, then shortly died down. Agent Jekell was running around, searching for the Smarts. He soon found them by the desert table and frantically starting talking about something.

Jekell: Chief, you gotta help me!!

Max: Whoa, whoa, Jekell, what’s wrong?

Jekell: You’re not gonna believe this, but I think I just killed someone.

Max: You wha… [pulling him aside] What do you mean, you just killed someone?

Jekell: Chief, you’re gonna think I’m crazy, but I swear to you, I’m turning into Mr. Hyde.

Max: Go up to my office. We’ll meet you there. [Jekell nods and leaves] [joining others] Jekell has finally flipped. He thinks he’s turning into Mr. Hyde.

99: Do you think it was right of you to send him to your office?

Max: 99, of course it was alright. In fact, I’ll have Parker to go up there and watch him and then Zach, I want you to go up there and check on the two of them.

Zach: Why do I have to go?

Max: [annoyed] Cause I said so. In fact, go get Parker and the two of you can go up there.

Zach: [whining] But I’ll be missing the party…Dad…

Max: Stop whining, Zachary, and go get Parker. [Zach stomps off to find Parker]

66: Chief, maybe we should get more into this whole Jekell/Hyde thing.

Max: What’s to look into? Jekell’s obviously been under a lot of stress and whatever KAOS has done to him is really working his nerves. I think Zach and Parker can handle this.

Zach had looked everywhere for Parker, and when he couldn’t find him, he headed to Max’s office alone. When he got there, he saw Jekell pacing back and forth.

Zach: You haven’t seen Parker, have you?

Jekell: He was just here. He went downstairs to the lab. [continues to pace] What’s happening to me, Smart? I’m a totally different person now.

Zach: There, there, Jekell. It’s just stress.

Jekell: Stress? Stress!? Smart, I’ve been changing into a killing machine and you think it’s stress?!

Zach: There’s no need to get violent. There seem to be some miscommunication about what the real problem is here. Are you sure you don’t remember anything about your trip?

Jekell: I just remember being cornered in this alley and…[thinking] and something shiny. It wasn’t in the alley, but I do remember something shiny.

Zach: Like a watch?

Jekell: No… no, something else.

Zach: Alright. Stay here. I’ll go try to find Parker.

Zach takes the secret entrance to the lab and soon finds Parker, sitting at a table.

Zach: Parker, where have you been? I’ve been looking everywhere for you. I have to tell you this. I think Jekell might have been hypnotized, but I’m not completely sure. I need a second opinion, though I’m sure mine is right, but I want to look good in front of Dad you know. It’s all about looking good for the Chief. Don’t you think? [no answer from Parker] Parker? [no answer] Parker? Hello…

The camera turns to Zach and sees a look of horror on his face.

Zach: Uh oh.


Setting: The CONTROL Halloween/Costume party. The party was in full swing now. There was a group of people cheering on someone who was bobbing for apples. Included in this group was TS. The fun was interrupted slightly, when Max was called away for a phone call. He went over to where the phone was and picked it up.

Max: Hello?

On the other end was Zach who was running around the CONTROL lab, trying to get away from someone. The scenes switch back and forth.

Zach: Dad, I need a little assistance down here!

Max: Where are you? Are you okay? You sound out of breath. Why don’t you sit down?

Zach: [still running] Well, I’d like to, but I seem to be running for my life.

Max: [confused] Come again?

Zach: Well, see, at this moment, I’m running around.

Max: Why? Are you having a problem with Jekell? That’s why I sent Parker with you.

Zach: Well, the problem right now isn’t with Jekell. It seems to me that Parker has been afflicted by the same thing that has our friend Jekell…Agh! Go away! No, no, no, no, you don’t want me! You don’t want me!

Max: Zachary, what is going up there?

Zach: Well, Dad, I’m not really upstairs right now, but I’d sure like to be. It would be a lot safer.

Max: Zach, where are you?

Zach: I’m in the lab. Send help. Quickly, please!

Max: Zach, I’m on my way. [hangs up] [heads back over to the bobbing apples crowd]

99: What was that about?

Max: Zach is having some problem with Parker.

Maxine: Argument?

Max: Didn’t sound like it.

99: [sees look on his face] Max, is everything okay?

Max: I don’t know, 99, but I think we should make sure.

66: We? As in all of us?

Max: [annoyed] No, not as in all of us. As in the four of us. I want to make sure everything’s alright down there.

99: Down there? I thought Zach and Parker were in your office with Jekell?

Max: So did I.

Max leaves, with the girls right behind him. They soon get to Max’s office and right where Jekell was.

Max: Where’s Zach and Parker?

Jekell: In the lab. They’ve been there for a while.

Maxine: Why didn’t you go with them?

Jekell: Zach told me to stay here and he went to find Parker.

Max: I’ll go to the lab and see what’s going on.

Max starts to head for the door, when something dawns on him and he stops. He slowly turns around and looks at Jekell.

Max: [to Jekell] Did you say Zach went to go find Parker?

Jekell: Yeah. Parker went past here and he stopped and I told him the problem and he went down to the lab, then Zach came and he went downstairs to find Parker.

99: What’s a matter, Max? We can stay and watch Jekell while you’re gone.

Max stands there and looks back and forth from the girls to Jekell and back again.

Max: [looking at Jekell, but speaking to everyone] No. We’ll all go downstairs. After you, Jekell.

Jekell was surprised by the request, but headed towards the door. The girls slowly walked up to Max, as he watched Jekell walk to and open the door.

66: What’s up, Chief?

Max: I’ll tell you later. [follows Jekell]

The group heads downstairs, with Jekell leading the way.

Max: You know, I got a call from Zach while I was at the party.

Jekell: He called from the lab?

Max: Uh huh. Did you see Agent 15 before you came to look for us?

Jekell: Agent 15? No, I don’t remember seeing Agent 15. Besides, he’s on vacation, isn’t he?

Max: Is he?

66: Absolutely, Chief. I drove him to the airport myself.

Just before they got to the lab door, Max stopped in his tracks.

Max: Has 22 ever met Agent 15?

Maxine: I don’t think so. Why?

Max: First, we have to check on Zach and Parker. Maxine, go upstairs and get at least five agents to meet us at the room I had Jekell in.

Maxine: What for, Dad?

Max: I have a hunch someone hasn’t been invited to the party, but happens to be here. [Maxine leaves, confused] [to Jekell] What do you think we’ll find in there, Mr. Jekell?

Jekell: [confused] I honestly don’t know, Chief.

Max: Well, go find out. Open the door.

Jekell used his password and the lab door opened. The place was a complete mess and in the middle of the room was Zach, crouched over Parker, who was laid out on the floor. The four quickly rushed over to them both.

Zach: [seeing Max] Dad, am I glad to see you.

Max: What happened?

Zach: First, help me quick Parker revived. I had to knock him out. [to Parker] Come on, Austin. Wake up.

Parker started to stir and slowly opened his eyes to see a vampire hanging over him and a devil at his side. In excitement, he started to scream, causing Jekell and 99 to scream, unaware of what they were screaming at. Max finally had to calm Parker down.

Max: Austin, Austin, it’s me, it’s me! It’s just a costume.

Parker: [calming down] Oh! The costume party! I totally forgot. That’s why I came down here. [sits up and sees the place in a mess] [confused] Was the party down here?

Zach: Are you saying you don’t remember what happened?

Parker: I have no clue as to what happened!

99: Start at the beginning, Austin.

Parker: I got here late. I went home to get my costume and realized I left it here, so I came back. [to Max] I went looking for you, so I went to your office and saw Jekell there. He told me his situation and I told him I might find something downstairs, but it would take awhile cause I had to find my costume. Then…[about to say something, but stops]

66: What, Austin? What happened next?

Parker: [confused] I don’t remember. I remember leaving the office and then… after that, it’s all blank.

Max: Zach, what do YOU remember happening?

Zach: I got down here and found Parker sitting at a table. Then, just like that, [snapping his fingers] [to Parker] You got up and tried to kill me.

Parker: [surprised] I did?

Zach: Yeah. I had to put you in a sleeper hold. You’re pretty strong for a little guy.

66: [seeing Zach’s arm] Zach, you’re bleeding.

Zach: Huh?

99: Your arm. Look.

Zach: [looks at arm] Oh. I must’ve scratched it while we were fighting. It’s just a scratch though.

Max started thinking and replaying everything Zach had said.

Max’s Thought (Zach): I must’ve scratched it while we were fighting. It’s just a scratch though.

This made Max think about earlier when Parker had been attacked by Jekell.

MT (Maxine, to Parker): Well, no wonder. You have a huge gash on your arm.

Max quickly stood up and started pacing, thinking about the strange coincidences.

Zach: [looking at Max] Pop, what’re you doing?

Max: [stops pacing] Isn’t odd that when Jekell attacked Parker earlier today, he got a large scratch on his arm? Then just now, you noticed you have a scratch on your arm after Parker attacks you?

99: That is kind of suspicious, Max.

Max: I know. [to Jekell] You didn’t get any scratches in London, did you?

Jekell: Yeah…when I tried escaping, I ended up scratching myself on a nail somewhere.

66: But how does that all tie in, Chief?

Max: We’ll find out. Follow me.

Max quickly goes out the door, with everyone following him, still slightly confused. When they arrived at the holding room where Jekell was, Maxine and a couple of agents already had someone in custody.

Max: Just as I suspected. [to captured man] Well, I see we meet again… Mr. Hyde.

Quartet: Mr. Hyde?!?

Max: This is KAOS agent John Hyde, a master at hallucinogens and hypnosis. I suspected he might be the root of our problem.

Maxine: Shall we properly dispose of him, Dad?

Max: Of course, but make sure he’s behind a lot of steel. I don’t want anyone else falling under his spell. {Maxine and the agents leave with Hyde]

Zach: Pop, first off, let me say what a good job you did at cracking this case.

Max: [smiling] Thank you, Zachary.

Zach: Secondly…I’m still confused.

Parker: I concur.

Max: We’ll discuss it upstairs.

Zach: [smiling] Ooh, At the party? Are there still apples for bobbing?

99: Sorry, Zach. Agent 22 bobbed for the last apple.

Zach: [pouts] [to Max] You see? I told you I’d miss the party! What Halloween party doesn’t have bobbing for apples? I missed the whole thing!


Setting: Later in the night after the Halloween party, Max finally explains everything that went on with Jekell.

Zach: So, with both Jekell and Parker, they were hypnotized to believe they were killer monsters.

Max: Right. When Jekell was captured in London, they kept him in cell until he could escape. When he did, he cut himself on that nail. The serum Hyde used needed to be injected somewhere where there was a wound.

Parker: The contents mix with the blood system. It’s like when Dr. Jekell drank that potion to change into Hyde.

66: But in this case, it took KAOS agent John Hyde to hypnotize the victim into thinking they were a real mad man.

Max: Yes, and also making sure they would remember nothing of what happened.

Zach: There’s the still the part where Parker attacked me.

Parker: It was in a cycle. Knowing that KAOS could never penetrate CONTROL, he gave Jekell the suggestion to inject any CONTROL agent with the serum. Unfortunately, the serum is very unstable, meaning Jekell could easily turn into… well, Mr. Hyde, so to speak, without warning.

66: Which is why he attacked that man after he left the airport.

Parker: And why he attacked me in the lab.

Zach: I get it. After he left that gash on your arm, Hyde came down here and re-injected Jekell and told him to go after you.

Max: Right. Hyde was basically after us, anyways, so why not go down the ranks.

66: Well, Chief I’m just glad you reconsidered leaving us with Hyde when you went top look for Zach and Austin.

Max: So am I. Something about Zach and Parker being gone, but leaving Jekell here didn’t quite sound right, especially when I got that call from Zach. I didn’t think leaving him with you girls would be in the best interest at the time.

Zach: Well, I’m glad that’s over. Now, we can get down to what’s really important.

Parker: Wait a minute, Zach. I don’t think it would be wise for you to have plans tonight.

Zach: Why not? I’m perfectly alright. I haven’t been injected with the serum.

Parker: Are you absolutely sure?

Zach: Yes, I’m sure.

Max: He’s okay, Austin. What’re you planning to do, Zach?

Zach: Go trick or treating of course! I still got at least one good hour to get candy, candy, candy.

99: Have fun.

Zach starts to head towards the door, but then stops. He gets this weird look on his face and his breathing gets faster.

66: Zach, are you alright?

Zach raises his hands to his head, causing a bit of panic in the office.

Max: Zachary…

Zach turns around, perfectly fine and smiling.

Zach: I’m fine. Wanna go trick or treating. [instantly gets hit by flying objects] Ow! Hey, stop it! It was a joke!