Smart Quest


Smart Quest


Setting: The offices of KAOS headquarters. Seated around a large round table, were KAOS’ s top killers. At the head, stood Agent Ross Teddy, an expert at horrible, grueling torture techniques.

Teddy: Gentlemen, KAOS has just discovered a book that contains all of the American government’s secrets.

Agent: Where? Who has it?

Teddy: A man by the name of Dr. Jonathon Sealer. A former government operative and scientist, he has kept all of his government secrets in a diary. I think when offered a considerable amount of money, Sealer
will be more than happy to part with his diary.

Agent #2: We have a problem, Teddy. Surely, CONTROL has heard about this.

The scene moves to the office of Chief Maxwell Smart. He, his wife, and their children, stood at his desk, listening to earphones connected to a large receiver and tape recorder. At the comment made by the KAOS man, the Smarts nod in agreement.

Agent #3: Surely, they could be paid off as well.

The Smarts nod their heads in disagreement.

Agent #3: Maybe gifts of some sort.

Max, 99, and Maxine nod their heads in disagreement, while Zach agrees with the KAOS agent.

Agent #2: Doesn’t Zachary Smart consider himself a ladies man? What if we could get him a lady or two? Would he talk then?

Zach disagrees with the statement, while the others nod in agreement. The scene then goes back to KAOS headquarters.

Teddy: Gentlemen, those ideas will never work on the Smarts. They’re too dedicated to their work and profession.

The scene again goes to Max’s office.

Zach: What a couple of maroons. They don’t even suspect that we’re listening to them. This was a great invention by Dr. Parker. At this rate, we can find out what KAOS plans to do with Dr. Sealer once they
get his diary.

Max: [annoyed] Not if you keep talking, Zach.

Zach: Well, you must admit, this is a wonderful invention. Who would suspect a fly as a listening device? Pure genius.

The scene quickly moves back to the KAOS office, where Teddy notices something odd about the room.

Agent #1: What is it, Teddy? You look strange.

Teddy: How long has that fly been there?

Agent #3: What fly?

Teddy: The one in the middle of the table.

Agent #2: I didn’t notice until now. Why? It’s just a harmless fly.

Teddy: A harmless fly who hasn’t moved for the past thirty minutes.

The scene quickly goes back to the Smarts.

Maxine: Uh-oh.

Back to the KAOS office.

Teddy: Don’t you find it odd that a fly wouldn’t move for half an hour?

Teddy picks up the fly and examines it. He breaks it open and finds a small transmitting device. Back to Max’s office.

99: Oh no! He found the bug!

Max: I just hope he doesn’t destroy it.

Zach: [looking at Max] Why?

Teddy takes one of the glasses and smashes the bug. At CONTROL headquarters, the Smarts are wincing in pain from the loud noise generated from the destruction of the bug.

Zach: [holding ear] Yes, I see your point. What now?

Max: We’ve got to find that diary. I want you and 66 to find Sealer and get the location of his diary.

Zach: Where is Sealer?

Max: As of this time, he lives in a remote part of Alaska.

Zach: [stunned] Alaska? You want me to go to Alaska?

Max: [sarcastically] If you don’t mind. Not like it’s for the fate of the world or anything.

Zach: You don’t have to be sarcastic, Pop. I was just expressing a little surprise at the residence of one Dr. Jonathon Sealer. I would think he’d live somewhere decent. Like Montana. Or Las Vegas or maybe Atlantic City.

Max: Why Atlantic City?

Zach: Bright lights, big city…

Maxine: Show girls, fine wine.

Zach: [looks at Maxine] I don’t talk about your hobbies, you don’t have to talk about mine.

Max: [annoyed] You’ll be leaving immediately, Zachary. Make sure you stop by the lab and weapons warehouse before you leave.

Zach: Right, Pop. [starts to put on jacket, then stops] Say, do you want anything?

Max: Do I want anything?

Zach: Yeah, from Alaska. You know, like a souvenir.

Max: From Alaska?

Zach: Yeah. You know, like a coat or a sled…[pause] or a penguin.

99: [annoyed] Get out, Zach.


Setting: A slight blizzard in Alaska made the skies hazy, as Zach and 66 started out with their dog sled. Halfway through the storm, they decide to stop.

66: Zach, I think we may be lost.

Zach: Nonsense. I know exactly where we’re going. Give me that map.

66: [handing Zach map] I thought you knew where we were going.

Zach: I do. I’m going to use the map to prove that I know where we’re going. [looking @ map] Let’s see. The doctor’s house should be only a few yards from here. Let’s say we rest for a while, then get moving again.

66: Don’t you think that’s dangerous? I’m sure KAOS might be out here, searching for Sealer too.

Zach: Tracie, darling, you worry too much. Why would you think, that in a storm like this, that KAOS would be anywhere NEAR here?

Just then, Zach and 66 were faced with about five guns and behind those five guns were six KAOS agents.

Zach: Of course, I could be wrong.

Agent #1: Get up, Smart.

Zach and 66 get up and get their bearings.

Zach: I don’t want to seem out of line, but just what do you think you’re doing?

Agent #2: My name is Nichols, Mr. Smart. Herbert Nichols. I work for KAOS and I intend to find Dr. Jonathon Sealer.

Zach: Okay. No need to get nosy about it, I’m sure.

66: What’s this got to do with us?

Nichols: Come, come, my dear. We know why you’re here.

Zach: We’re just lonely vacationers on a holiday.

Agent #1: In Alaska?

Zach: What’s wrong with Alaska?

66: We just wanted to take pictures. You know, of the scenery and the air and the atmosphere…

Zach: And the penguins. Especially the penguins.

Nichols: What kind of a fool do you take me for, Mr. Smart?

Zach: Well, I don’t know. Maybe one of your average, everyday, run of the mill type fools, I guess. Of course, I’ve just met you, so I couldn’t really be sure.

66: What’re you going to do to us?

Nichols: First, I want that map of Sealer’s home. Then, we’re going to take your provisions and leave you here. To die. [laughs] Now, hand over that map, Smart.

Zach: I’m afraid I can’t do that, Nichols. I’m here for one reason and one reason only. Now, I have just one question before I put you under arrest.

Nichols: How’re you going to arrest me when my boys are holding the guns?

Zach: [laughs] Ha! Joke’s on you cause…[stop laughing, then somberly] …that was my question.

Nichols: Kill him. We’ll take the map when he’s dead.

Zach: [to KAOS boys] I’m warning you, I wouldn’t do that I were you.

Zach instantly took his pack and swung it at the KAOS agents, hitting three of them and knocking them down. 66 elbowed Nichols and swung him over her shoulder. The KAOS agents though were too many for them and eventually, had Zach and 66 overpowered again.

Nichols: [picking up map from ground] I’ll be taking this. A pretty bold move to your demise, Smart. I could as easily kill you, but I won’t because the important thing is for us to find Sealer. [to agents] Get the sleds! [to Zach] Goodbye, Mr. Smart. Pity I couldn’t kill you.

Zach and 66 watch Nichols and the agents leave on their sleds.

66: Oh, Zach, what’re we going to do now?

Zach: We’re going to find Dr. Sealer.

66: How? Nichols took our map!

Zach: He doesn’t have the map.

66: What? Zach, run that by me again.

Zach: Remember when we flew to LA and then flew back to Washington?

66: [sarcastically] Because you forgot the map to Sealer’s house? Yes, I remember that very vividly.

Zach: [evil glare @ 66] Anyhow, when we left LA the second time, I remembered I picked up a map.

66: You mean…?

Zach: Yep. Nichols has a map of downtown Los Angeles.

After the storm quieted down, Zach and 66 took their sled and continued to look for Sealer’s house. They were getting closer to the point where the house was said to be there, only to be surprised by a large chasm stood in front of them.

66: Now what do we do?

Zach: Well, [looking in to chasm] I can tell ya the first step’s a doozy.

As they stood there, they heard the faint sound of another dog sled in the distance.

66: Zach, do you hear that?

Zach: [looking out in to the distance] Yes. [looking around] And there’s no where to hide either. 66…

66: Yes, Zach.

Zach: I think we’re in a lot of trouble.

66: That’s not very comforting, Zach.

Zach: It’s not supposed to be. I’m just confirming the fact that we’re in a lot of trouble if that’s Nichols and the boys from KAOS. With no where to hide, we’re sitting ducks.

66: [sarcastically] Gee, Zach, that’s a real spirit booster.

The two stood and listened as the dogs started to get closer and closer.


Setting: Somewhere in the Alaska region. Zach and 66 stood at a crossroads. On one side of them was a deep chasm, but coming in front of them was an unknown sled team approaching.

66: [panicking] Zach, what’re we going to do?

Zach: Don’t panic, 66. Surely they haven’t followed the map to the tee. [pause] Or else they’d be in downtown LA.

66: What if they realized that was just a map of LA?

Zach: [panicking] Then we’re in a lot of trouble.

As the dog sled got closer, Zach frantically searched for his gun.

66: [seeing Zach] This is no time for dancing, Smart!

Zach: I’m not. I’m looking for my gun. I think I might have lost it. And I just had it detailed.

66: Zach, it’s no use. Here comes the sled.

They could see the outline of the dogs as the sled came to a halt. A figure walked from behind the sled and as he came into the clearing, the duo realized it was someone else.

Man: Hello there! Are you lost?

Zach: Hello! We’re not lost, but we are in a nasty situation. There seems to be this huge chasm behind us that we need to cross, but as you can see, that probably won’t be happening.

Man: Why don’t you go around it?

66: Around it? You mean there’s a path we could take?

Man: Sure! It’s the path to my house. Get your sled and follow me.

The man quickly walked back to his sled and waited for Zach and 66 to get on theirs.

Zach: [whispering to 66] What luck! Having some guy find us and then take us to his house.

66: I have a funny feeling about this, Zach. What if…

Zach: What if, what if. That’s all you’re about, isn’t it? What if KAOS finds us? What if that’s Nichols coming to get us? You’re very pessimistic, 66. Do you know that?

66: Let the record show I was right about KAOS being here.

Zach: [getting on sled] Lucky guess. Now, for once, will you trust my instinct? This guy’s a-okay and besides, we’ll get out of this cold. Unless, of course, you like freezing to death in sub-zero

66: [getting on sled] No. [sighing] Lead on, fearless leader.

The sleds went around the large gap to a path that went upwards and then down. At the bottom of the snowy hill, was a small, lighted cabin. The sleds parked in front of the house and the trio went inside.

Man: Come in, make yourselves comfortable.

Zach: Thank you. [looking around] You have a lovely home, sir. I hope we’re not infringing on your hospitality.

Man: No, of course not. [handing Zach and 66 ups of cocoa] I don’t believe I caught your names.

Zach: I’m Zachary Smart. [taking cocoa] And this is Tracie Lewis.

Man: Smart? Are you any relation to a Maxwell Smart?

Zach: Yes, sir. [taking a seat] He’s my father. And you are?

Man: Sealer. Dr. Jonathon Sealer.

Zach and 66 looked at the man in awe. The very man who invited them into their home, is their target!


Setting: The home of one Dr. Jonathon Sealer, in which Zach and 66 were now in.

Sealer: [seeing looks on their faces] Yes, Mr. Smart, I am Dr. Jonathon Sealer.

66: So you were expecting us.

Sealer: I was, but not so soon. And if I’m not mistaken, the evil organization of KAOS will also be showing up.

Zach: You don’t seem to be very concerned about it.

Sealer: Why should I?

66: KAOS is a ruthless, despicable group of individuals whose orders are to kill you on sight if need be in order to get your diary.

Sealer: Everyone has their little faults. And what are your orders from CONTROL, my dear? Aren’t they virtually the same?

Zach: Our orders are to bring back your diary and make sure it stays out of the hands of KAOS. I certainly hope we don’t have to force you to reveal the location of the diary, Dr. Sealer.

Sealer: A very resourceful move that would be, Mr. Smart.

66: Dr. Sealer, please. You must understand our mission. That diary of yours contains the government’s biggest secrets. If it falls into the hands of KAOS, the fate of the world as we know it would be severely jeopardized.

Sealer: That’s a very strong argument, Miss Lewis, but unfortunately it falls on deaf ears. I don’t mind having you stay for the night, but any information regarding my diary will be kept to myself.

Zach: [standing] So basically, the fate of the world as we know it, doesn’t mean a thing to you.

Sealer: We will discuss the matter no further. I’m rather tired. Your room, Mr. Smart, is there [pointing to a room] and yours Miss Lewis is right next door. I warn you, no tricks tonight.

Sealer gave them a last look, before retiring to his room, and leaving Zach and 66 in the living room.

66: [to Zach] Now what do we do?

Zach: We look for that diary. Look, go to your room and I’ll call you.

66: On the pencil phone?

Zach: Right. We’ll think of something then.

66: Alright. [goes to her room]

Zach watches 66 leave and casually looks around the room. There were just walls and a couple of desk and floor lamps, but nothing really unusual. Zach did notice a picture of someone over the mantle of the fireplace, but thought nothing of it and soon went to his room.

The camera pulls back till it’s outside of the house, but can see Zach leave the living room for his own. The camera pulls around and we see a man with a pair of binoculars looking at the house. He removes the binoculars and we see it’s KAOS agent Nichols. He removes his gun, checks it for bullets and puts it back in its holster.

Nichols: I guess your appointment to die well still be kept, Mr. Smart.


Setting: The Alaskan home of Dr. Jonathon Sealer. It was about eleven o’clock at night when Zach decided to call 66 on the pencil phone. He looked through his bags quietly and finally found the pencil. He dialed the small numbers on the eraser, removed it and put it to his ear and waited for 66 to answer.
In her room, 66 was fast asleep when she heard the faint sound of a phone. She rolled over and listened again to make sure it was coming from her room, which it was. She tiredly sat up in bed and looked around for the phone and realized it was the pencil phone. She got up and picked up the pencil from the top of her bag and answered.

66: [sleepily] Hello.

Zach: What took you so long? The line’s been ringing for like five minutes.

66: Who is this?

Zach: 66, it’s me!

66: Me who?

Zach: [annoyed] It’s Zach.

66: Oh. What do you want?

Zach: Are you awake?

66: No.

Zach: [annoyed] Well, wake up! We have to look for that diary.

66: Alright, alright. Give me a minute. [hangs up]

Zach hangs up and starts out to the living room. He opened the door slowly and peeked out, expecting to see 66 there, but only saw a lighted living room. He came out and closed the door. He went next door and knocked and waited for an answer. Getting worried, Zach opened the door and looked inside.

Inside, 66 lay in bed, fast asleep, having gone back there after hanging up. Zach shook his head and went into her bathroom. We hear the faucet run for a while then Zach returns with a glass of water. He walks over to 66’s bedside and pours the water over her. She quickly awoke and sat up in bed and almost screamed before Zach covered her mouth.

Zach: Are you up now? [66 nods] Are you going to help me look for that diary? [66 nods] Good. I take it I won’t have to do that again? [66 shakes her head no] Great. Now get up and meet me in the living room. [gets up and leaves]

A couple of minutes later, 66, dressed in new clothes and with wet hair, met Zach in the living room with a look to kill on her face.

Zach: [seeing look on her face] Don’t get mad at me. I told you I’d be calling you to help me look for that diary. I didn’t want to do that.

66: [angrily] Yeah, well, I thought you meant like in the next five minutes, not at twelve o’clock in the morning.

Zach: First of all, as a spy, you have to be prepared for anything. You have to expect the unexpected. And secondly, it’s only 11:15pm.

66: [sarcastically] What’s the plan, fearless leader?

Zach: [looks at 66] Find that diary. It has to be here somewhere. [points to fireplace] You look over there and I’ll check here.

As the two look inside for the diary, Nichols and his men are searching outside for the diary. Back inside, Zach and 66 have looked about everywhere for the diary.

66: It’s not in here.

Zach: [looking at Sealer’s door] Then it must be in there.

66: Zach, we can’t go in there.

Zach: Can you think of a better place to hide a diary then the comforts of your own room?

66: Yes! [look from Zach]

Zach: Like where?

66: The cookie jar, the refrigerator…[looks at fireplace] Maybe it’s in the chimney.

Zach: [shakes his head] You women are incredible. Those have to be the most ridiculous places to hide anything. The chimney. Who in their right mind would hide a book, a flammable book, with paper and
cardboard, in the chimney? [looks at 66] Tracie, I think I’ve indulged your fantasies for the whole trip and I think this is the very last time. Now, I say, the diary is in the bedroom. Now, will you for ONCE, once in your life, trust ME and go along with what I think?

66: Do I have a choice?

Zach: [taking a breath] Not really, so you might as well come on.

Zach headed off for Sealer’s room, with 66 reluctantly following him. The two quietly got to the door and Zach removed a gun from his pocket. Before he could open the door, 66 quickly and quietly closed it and turned to Zach.

66: You’re going to shoot him?

Zach: No! This is my flashlight.

66: You have a flashlight that looks like a gun?

Zach: Of course! Who would ever suspect me of having a flashlight that looks like a gun? Now come on.

The two enter Sealer’s room quietly and start searching. They tiptoed around the bed to the dresser. While Zach goes to through the dresser drawers, 66 goes to the window to see if anyone is outside. Thinking she saw a figure go through the trees, she turns to tell Zach and inadvertently bumps into the desk and knocks over the lamp, which shatters on the floor. The two hold their breath, awaiting Sealer to wake up, but the doctor didn’t stir. After exhaling, Zach looks at 66 and motions her to come to him.

Zach: [annoyed] [sarcastically] I think perhaps we should use a tad bit of concealment.

66: Zach, I saw someone. Outside.

Zach: [sarcastically] Do you think it might be KAOS? Oh no! What do we do? [dirty look from 66] Will you please stop daydreaming and help me find that book?

The two resume the search, but so far, aren’t turning up anything. The two meet in the middle of the room and try to think of something.

66: It’s not here.

Zach: I know it’s not here, but it has to be here. The diary is definitely here, but not here. Oh, it’s definitely here.

66: Right. [slightly confused] Now what?

Zach: Maybe it’s outside. [thinking] Let’s get out of here.

As the two started to leave, Zach ended up running into the bed, causing him to fall. As he did, he hit a desk with his head, causing it to move and knocking some stuff on to the floor. After all the commotion, the duo was sure that Sealer would be waking up, but nothing. 66 hit Zach repeatedly for making so much noise. He got up in pain and went to open the door, except the door wouldn’t open, it was stuck.

With a final yank, the knob came off and the door hit Zach in the head, pushing him back into the wall. Dazed and in pain, Zach walks out the room, only to trip over the rug out the door. 66 shakes her head and feels a pounding headache coming on. She too walked out and helped Zach to his feet. Dizzy, Zach turns the
flashlight off and instantly Sealer wakes up and gets out of bed. He walks to the door and surprises the two by his presence.

Sealer: What’re you guys doing up?

66: We couldn’t sleep. We thought we’d get a drink of water.

Sealer: The both of you decided to get water? At the same time? In front of my door?

Zach: We were ice fishing for it and this seemed like a good spot.

Sealer: [thinking] [pause] Okay. [goes to get water] Kids nowadays.

66: Now what?

Voice: So we met again!

Zach and 66 turn around to see KAOS agent Herbert Nichols standing at the window. He was wearing all black and had a revolver in his hand.

Zach: [to 66] You just had to ask, didn’t you? [to Nichols] Well, Mr. Nichols, how good of you to come.

Nichols: Cut the games, Smart. Where’s that diary?

Just then, Sealer came back from getting water and was surprised to see Nichols in his living room.

Sealer: Say…what’s going on here?

Nichols: Pleased to met you, Dr. Sealer. I’m KAOS agent Nichols and I’ve come for your diary. You’re either going to give it to me or I’m going to kill you.

66: Won’t you do that anyways?

Nichols: Yes, but I’m giving him a sporting chance.

Sealer: Listen you, I don’t know who you are, but I can tell you that you are not going to get that diary. That diary means more to me than you’ll ever know.

Zach: [thinking] I just thought of something. [to Sealer] What if you’re here like the rest of us? To find that diary. What if, by chance, you weren’t really Dr. Jonathon Sealer at all. What if you were a cleverly planted imposter, here to throw us off so that you could have the diary all to yourself.

66: [shaking her head] Zach, now you’ve gone too far. We’re never going to find that diary if you continue to upset the good and wonderful doctor.

Zach: [calmer] You’re right. I’m sorry, Dr. Sealer.

Sealer: As you should be. [pause] But I must give you a congratulation on your theory. What if I was someone else?

Zach and 66 agree and then are totally shocked when Sealer removes his face. Underneath is a beautiful, blonde woman. All are shocked in the room, until the woman pulls out her gun.

Zach: [to woman] Hey, that’s a neat trick how you turned out to be a woman.

Woman: You were right, Mr. Smart. I’m not who I claimed to be. I’m Jennifer Sealer, Dr. Sealer’s daughter.

Zach: Hey…you’re not your father, you’re your daughter! [slightly confused]

Sealer(W): I have him somewhere safe. All I want is the diary.

Nichols: Stand in line, toots. KAOS was in line for that diary before you could even think of it.

Angered by Nichols’s remarks, Jennifer raised her gun to fire. Nichols also raised his gun and the two shot each other in the hand, dropping their guns.

Zach: [pulls out flashlight] Alright, freeze, you two!

Nichols: [in pain] [laughs] You’re holding us up with a flashlight?

Zach: This is no ordinary flashlight. This is a loaded .44 magnum flashlight.

66: Wait a minute. You have a gun that looks like a flashlight??

Zach: Of course! Who would suspect me of having a gun that looks like a flashlight? [to the other two] Get over there. Now! Move! [the two move over by the window] Now, Miss Sealer, if that is your real name, perhaps you could tell us just what’s going on here.

Sealer(W): I stole my father’s diary in order to give it to a terrorist organization, but before I could take it to them, my father found out and I had to hide the diary. I took my father prisoner and came back to get the diary.

Zach: And where is the diary?

Sealer(W): [pause] Over by the fireplace. In the chimney.

Both Zach and 66 turn slightly to look at the fireplace, while 66’s face got a big smile on it.

Zach: [before 66 could say something] You know, a real spy is measured on whether or not they tell someone “I told you so.”

66: [smiling] Always expect the unexpected, 78.

Just then, Nichols lunged at Zach and got the flashlight gun from him and ordered Zach, 66, and Sealer to stand by the door.

Zach: Well, I can certainly say…I didn’t expect that to happen. Live and learn.

Nichols: My boys are right outside. Miss Sealer, if you’d please retrieve your father’s diary and hand it to me, this will go along smoothly.

Sealer went to the fireplace, reached inside the chimney and got the book. She then came back and handed it to Nichols.

Nichols: Thank you. Now, the three of you are going to open that door and be shot on sight. I told my men as soon as you came out, they’re to shoot you. [pointing the gun at Zach] Why don’t you go first, Mr. Smart?

Zach started to head for the door, then suddenly karate chopped the gun out of Nichols’s hand. The two begin to fight over the gun, while 66 was trying to subdue the female Sealer. 66 hit Sealer with a right cross, planting her on the floor. Meanwhile, Zach had picked up the gun, but to stop him, Nichols opened the door.

The door hit Zach in the head and caused him to fall down. At the door, Nichols had forgotten his men were outside and trained to shot the first person that opened the door. A shower of gunfire filled the night air and Nichols fell backwards to the floor, dead. 66 cautiously closed the door and rushed to Zach.

66: Zach, are you alright?

Zach: Yeah, but I guarantee you, I’ll be having issues with doors for the rest of my life. Did you get the diary?

66: [holds up diary] Right here.

Zach: Good. [struggling to his feet] Let’s call Dad and tell him we have the book.

The two rushed into Zach’s room and Zach picked up the pencil phone and started to dial.

Zach: [on phone] Hello, operator, get me CONTROL headquarters. [pause] Hello, CONTROL? Put me in contact with the Chief. [pause] Dad, it’s Zach. Well, the forces of evil have once again been beaten into
submission by the forces of good. Agent 66 and I have Dr. Sealer’s diary, the most important governmental document at this time, containing all of Washington’s greatest scientific secrets. You know, Pop, it looked bad for a while, but we did it. We did it by following the CONTROL standard operational code book
and being on our guard at every minute. Yes, sir, we really taught KAOS a lesson today. Never, ever…try to mess with the United States government, the men and women of CONTROL or the incredible minds and dedication of Team Smart. [pause] I’m sorry, what? [pause] Really? Oh gee, I’m really sorry about that.
Yes, sir. Again I apologize. [hangs up] [to 66] Wrong number.


Setting: The office of Chief Maxwell Smart. Zach and 66 had returned that day to Washington and were being congratulated by Max for finding Dr. Sealer and bringing him and his diary back to Washington.

Max: I must admit, I had my doubts, Zachary, but you both worked brilliantly on this. I mean, how did you ever guess that the person you thought to be Sealer was really his daughter? Or that she hid the dairy in the chimney. I would’ve never thought to look there.

Zach: [speechless] Well…I…

66: Zach worked very hard on this case, sir. He asked my opinion on the whereabouts of the diary and I suggested some places where it could be hidden, but I never would’ve dreamed it would be in the chimney or that Sealer’s daughter was involved.

Max: Well, the two of you make a good team. [looks at watch] I got to go and hand this little gem to the guys at the Pentagon. I’m proud of you, Zachary. I can always count on you to uphold the name Smart
and everything your mother and I stood for in CONTROL. [leaves]

Zach: [to 66] Um…I guess…I should thank you. For making me look good in front of my Dad and all.

66: It was nothing. I mean, you did get the fact that Sealer wasn’t the real Dr. Sealer.

Zach: Well, that was just a lucky guess. Look, I owe you one. Anything you need, you just ask.

66: well, as a matter of fact, there are a couple of things I wrote down.

66 pulls a long…a VERY long list of things from her pocket and starts to read off from them.

66: Now, this is just a sketch, but I organized everything in days of the week. Now, on Monday, I need you to wash my car and pick up my dry-cleaning…

Zach: [looking at list] Whoa, whoa, whoa! [66 stops reading] What is this?

66: Well…I just think as long as I saved you from a very embarrassing moment with your Dad, I think I’m entitled to a little pampering this week.

Zach: Excuse me?

66: Unless of course, you’d like me to tell him that it was my theory of where the book was that eventually solved the case…

Zach: Ha! I’ll do some favors for you, but come on, Tracie!

66: [touching his cheek with her hand] Please Zach, do a couple of things on here.

Zach: If you think you’re going to use you little femme fatale ways on me…[pause] What’s first on Monday’s agenda? [to camera] It’s only for a week.